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Forensic Investigation in ChemistsHands

Do we need a chemist at the crime scene? What kind of experiments do they do there and what needs to be taken to the lab? Do the methods and techniques of disclosure used by forensic chemistry experts look exactly the way we see them in popular crime series and movies? And how can chemical expertise help catch a perpetrator? During the show, two forensic chemists will answer these questions and explain how chemistry can help police, law enforcement agencies, a court, or lawyers in disclosing and analysing the evidence. We will show you the techniques of dusting for fingerprints, identifying blood traces, footprints, and gunshot residues. We will make experiments and provide you with essential knowledge and trivia.

The schedule of the show and the reservation form can be found here: Fundacji Pro Chemia.

Authors: Professor Michał Woźniakiewicz, PhD, DSc (habil.)

Professor of Jagiellonian University and the Head of Laboratory for Forensic Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry JU. Analytical and forensic chemist, academic teacher, entrepreneur of multiple scientific shows at the Krakow Science and Art Festival and the Małopolska Researchers Night. He enjoys good literature and movies, paying particular attention to the scientific methods used therein. Scientific consultant of the author of crime novels – Agnieszka Graca.

Dr Monika Ciechomska, PhD

Forensic chemist, educator, chemistry teacher, and entrepreneur. She runs Detective You (, a company that organises detective workshops and shows in Polish and international schools and kindergartens, as well as detective events for kids and adults. She loves exploring, solving riddles and mysteries, so, except for forensics, she adores travelling, escape rooms, and board games. Her biggest passion is inspiring others to look for clues, experiment, and think outside the box.